Montgomery County Sheriffs Receive CIT Training

Mar 10

Cecie and I attended a Crisis Intervention Team (CIT) training session this afternoon and were pleased to see that four officers in the Montgomery County Sheriff’s department were receiving the training. Forty-eight law enforcement officers registered for the training, and 45 were in attendance.

Cecie was on a panel of four consumers who spoke to the officers about what it is like to live with a serious mental illness. Panel members helped officers develop a better sense of what works and what doesn’t in de-escalating a mental health crisis. They also stressed the importance of getting people with mental illness into treatment and avoiding incarceration.

Thanks to the Montgomery County Sheriff Mark Casteel and his department for recognizing the need for this valuable training and taking steps to improve the way officers deal with situations involving mental illness. Thanks also to all of the other Indiana law enforcement agencies and officers who took the training and to NAMI-West Central Indiana (NAMI-WCI) for providing this training.

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