Support NAMI-WCI When You Shop at Kroger

Sep 15

Our NAMI affiliate, NAMI-West Central Indiana (in Lafayette) is now part of the Kroger Community Rewards Program. If you have a Kroger Plus card or Kroger Visa, Kroger will contribute a portion of your purchases to NAMI-WCI when the purchase meets the program’s terms and conditions. This will not affect the Kroger rewards you receive personally when you make purchases with your Kroger Visa card.

To enroll, call 1-866-221-4141 and provide your Kroger Plus Card ID number (shown under the bar code on your Kroger Plus card  or under the bar code on the back of your Kroger Visa card) and the NAMI-WCI rewards program number, which is 10937.

  • You must be 18 or older and either a legal resident of Indiana or a participant/member in NAMI-WCI, and you must hold a Kroger (or Pay Less) Plus Card.
  • This is intended for NAMI-WCI members, supporters, friends and family members.
  • In order to continue this donation, you must re-enroll your Kroger Plus Card each year.
  • Each person has to enroll his or her own card.
  • Your purchases will begin earning rewards for NAMI-WCI within 10 business days of registering your Kroger Plus Card (possibly sooner). You will see a line at the bottom of your sales receipt indicating that you support NAMI West Central Indiana.
  • You must present your Kroger Plus Card at the time of purchase.
  • If you use an alternate ID (such as phone number) instead of your Kroger Plus Card at checkout, the purchase won’t contribute to NAMI-WCI unless you have linked the alternate ID with your card for the purposes of this program.
  • Certain purchases will NOT count toward the contribution. Transactions that do NOT count include: alcohol, tobacco, government-assisted pharmacy expenses, postage stamps, various types of gift cards/money cards, bottle deposits, lottery and promotional tickets, money orders, fuel, and sales tax.
  • Your Kroger Plus Card can be linked to only one nonprofit organization at a time.

Thank you for supporting NAMI West Central Indiana!

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